Mansee Singhi is an artist, a performer and a choreographer. She started her Kathak training in 1991. Her talent was crafted and refined under the guidance of renowned Kathak Guru РSmt. Ashaji Joglekar (Archana Nrityalaya), Mumbai, India. During her training, Mansee underwent training with the emphasis on perfection- Barikiya and practice-Riyaz. Her dances reflect her dedication and focus on elegance-Nazakat, rhythm-Layakari and command over recitation-Padhant. She continued her Kathak training under Guru Smt. Shila Mehta where she cultivated and enhanced her interest in dance through a balance of emotions and physique. Mansee has been actively participating in various dance events and festivals.

Through the years, diverse influences have inspired her to immerse herself in pure dance, cross art-form collaborations, and innovative partnerships. Since 2009,  Mansee has been an active arts citizen in Columbus and nearby communities and has showcased and presented her work at various schools, universities and a variety of Indian cultural events. 

Her life’s mission as an artist is to create awareness and knowledge about Kathak, the creations from cross-disciplinary collaborations and tell stories to audiences. Her vision is to elevate and encourage innovative performances and collaborations to grow a wider audience for Indian classical dance and the intersections with diverse art styles.