Moving Spaces

This piece is an abstract work showcasing Kathak- an Indian classical art form and connecting it with modern contemporary styles. Performed in the year 2021, it reflects an ongoing exploration into the confluence of contemporary approaches to choreography, composition, tradition and experience.

Beat and Taal_Copy

Immerse Within

An Indian Classical Kathak dance presentation in the year 2020 features Sanskrit verse describing peace, eternal self and spiritual knowledge to keep our mind and body calm and real in order to spread positivity and love.

Dessert Rhythms

A traditional Rajasthani Indian folk dance called Ghoomar which typically involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle using different props making the dance more colorful and lively. Dessert Rhythms performed in the year 2019 uses Indian instrumental music, folk tunes including sarangi, flute and drums with words that narrate stories played by established artists.

Ghoomar dance


Evolution of Kathak

A showcase of a research presentation about Kathak’s evolution and the adaptations in various eras of Indian history performed in the year 2018.


A musical synchrony between Kathak & Contemporary movement presented in the year 2018 highlighted the impact of motion, rhythm and speed as individual elements and how these three culminate into an emulsion of the three.