Dance Works

Choreographies and Creations



A depiction of life that showcases that when human life emerges it represents a river meeting the ocean. There is that fear and discomfort of how we will fit in or adapt in this big world of diversity. Through self-belief, reflection and openness, we work hard to accept and people around us also work hard to welcome. This choreography showcases an individual's feelings and emotions through the journey of identification, adaptation and acceptance.


An Emotional Journey Through Water and Fluidity. "Headwaters is an emotional journey through water and fluidity. With dance and poetry, Headwaters tells the story of how our emotions shape us and how embracing the fluidity of their ever changing presence in our lives can lead us to become our most authentic selves."

Echoes Of Ramayana

A dance performance showcasing the emotions of various women characters in Ramayana and its translation to current day portrayal. The story woven in dance and music from this ancient epic is presented in a choreographic repertoire ranging from traditional to modern dance performances.


A choreographic presentation of the 5 elements of nature woven into movement and rhythmic composition.

Umeed (Colors of Hope)

An Indian Classical dance based on the chants and dances of Native American song - Yeha - Noha (wishes of Happiness and Prosperity) bringing hope and love to the people wherever they reside.

Kala Sangam

A confluence a of two dance forms from Northern and Southern parts of the Indian sub-continent namely Bharatnatyam and Kathak.

Beat and Taal

An engaging musical composition linking the traditional and modern Kathak.

Path to Happiness

A journey of emotions to attain true inner peace and happiness expressed through Kathak.

Ta Dha

A collaboration showcasing Tap dance and Kathak.


A contemporary dance piece that leverages Indian instrumental music and poetic verses from the book “DOTHEAD” by Ohio’s first poet laureate, Amit Majmudar.


A musical synchrony between Kathak & Contemporary movement. It highlights the impact of motion, rhythm and speed as individual elements and culminates into an emulsion of the three.


Evolution of Kathak - A research presentation about Kathak’s evolution and the adaptations in various era’s of Indian history.

Dessert Rhythms

This performance is based on a traditional Rajasthani Indian folk dance called Ghoomar which typically involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle using different props making the dance more colorful and lively. Dessert Rhythms uses Indian instrumental music, folk tunes including sarangi, flute and drums with words which narrate stories played by established artists.

Moving Space - A classical presentation through a Contemporary lens

This piece is an abstract work showcasing Kathak- an Indian classical art form and connecting it with modern contemporary styles. A reflection on an ongoing exploration into the confluence of contemporary approaches to choreography, composition, tradition and experience.