Immerse yourself in a world of shared experiences, as those who have witnessed the captivating beauty of Mansee's art form share their thoughts and impressions.

I have the honor of mentoring Mansee these past two years through the Ohio Arts Council and have learned more from Mansee then she has from me! Watching her performances and enjoying numerous conversations with her about teaching, connecting to new audiences and students about her unique dedication to traditional Indian dance and music, stories and themes, has been a truly wonderful experience . She is an exquisite, beautiful dancer with the added dedication of sharing her passion and knowledge about her traditional dance form with people of all ages.

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld


Mansee is open to critical, purposeful feedback and suggestions. During our official mentor/ mentee relationship, I've offered perspective and recommendations on ways to further enhance her artistic and administrative practice... and she's been receptive every time. This is an example of her true, collaborative and community-based spirit; it's a pleasure to witness her development. One of her most admirable strengths is her ability to accept feedback while remaining true to her specific intention and clear artistic vision.

Qarrianne Blayr

Associate Artistic Director & Dance Artist with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company based in Dayton, Ohio

Mansee Singhi brings awareness about India’s cultural heritage and offers authentic knowledge of the art form to the younger generation of artists in our community. She plays a vital role in sharing the traditional art form of Indian Dance, which strengthens the cultural depth and diversity in Ohio.

Jane D’Angelo

Executive Director, OhioDance

For every physical instruction she gave, she provided a wealth of cultural background, making the whole lesson incredibly rich. Impressively, under Mansee's direction, the students were able to accomplish part of a choreographed sequence to a devotional dance that would introduce the performance. Mansee joined the class on zoom a couple of days later to participate in our discussion of The Little Toy Cart, and this was also very helpful, as Mansee was able to provide really valuable cultural context to the discussion with details about caste, the power structure in ancient India, and other important details.

Joan E. Robbins

Associate Professor, Theatre Arts Program Lead Ohio Northern University

Ms. Singhi has generously shared her vision, leadership, and artistry as a GWDC leadership team member and as talented choreographer and gifted performer.

Loren E. Bucek, PhD

Founder, Director & Cultural Produce - Global Water Dances

Mansee demonstrates professionalism and authenticity in her interactions with other artists, patrons, and organization leaders. She ensures that every collaboration and event she is involved in runs smoothly and successfully. From the initial conversations through the conclusion of the event, it is a pleasure to work with Mansee.

Michelle Tavenner

Program Director, Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center